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Lets face it, building a business is not easy. When you have so much to think about and do, life can get over whelming which will lead to forgetting some crucial steps into building a profitable business. TimeFrame Studios helps you with some of those important steps so you can focus on your clients, and build a business that you want to see thrive. How will TimeFrame Studios help your business grow? One of those important steps in the first phase of building a business is creating a presence, whether it's a brick and mortar, Ecommerce, or both. We create a customizable landing page for you, and your business with all the information you want your clients to see. We will work with you to manage your SEO,UXD (User Experience Design), UI (User Interactive ), and page data analytics. We create a one stop attractive customized landing page that you will only need, because we also do want to see you, and your business thrive.


Share, share, share, lets say it one more time, share. Yes it's that important because now that you have a presence how will your clients know you exist? One of the perks of building a landing page with us is the customized sharable domain link that is included that make it easy for clients to click and wallah you are everywhere and anywhere.

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Now that you've built, and shared it's time to grow. Just like anything growth, and change is inevitable. How do we help you grow? Our team of experts use cutting edge technology to research and study your business's targeted audience, and the areas in which your business isn't reaching to its full potential. What innovative tools do we use, and how will we use them? our number one tools we specialize to grow your business is Dynamic Digital Media. We create content that changes based on your business data, user behaviour and preference. Copywriting-Call to action, or announcements. Audio-we tell tell the story of the business that could, and would. Picture/Video-eye candy to show of your business. Not only do we both want to see an increase in ROI (Return Of Investment) but also most importantly we CARE.



Social Share

With cutting edge API we pride ourselves in the safe keeping of our members information. 

Share and optimize your engagement across multiple social network platforms.  

Fully Customizable 

Whether your landing page account is personal or business UpChat makes it easy to customize your page to fit your goals.

Unlimited Links

Add as many links as you please to make your profiles efficiently accessible.

Attractive layout

Give your followers or customers a great visual experience with a couple clicks here and a little splash there.

Custom URL

Create a personalized clickable URL to share through out other network platforms that directs your followers and customers to your landing page.

Web Design

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